Cocaine Addiction: A personal story about the effects it had on my family

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Posted: September 8, 2015

Cocaine is one of the most addictive narcotics used as a recreational drug today. Its effects include short term euphoria, only making the user want more and more of its effects. I can still remember clearly the day I arrived home from school (7th grade to be exact), and was informed by my mother that my dad was “going away” for a couple months. Looking back on it today I can see the effects it had on my dad, which I presumed at the time was just his personality. He was very high strung and always ready to go. He consumed more than your average amount of alcohol, and sometimes I wouldn’t see him for a couple days. My dad was the “fun dad,” letting my friends stay over late and I saw him and my mother argue frequently about this. Apparently my dad had been an avid cocaine user since he was a teenager and my mother had finally had enough. The ultimatum was put forth- divorce or rehab, and luckily my dad chose rehab. He went away, out of state, to Pennsylvania. When choosing to attend rehab for various addictions including cocaine, often times removing yourself completely from your environment is the best way to go. By removing himself from his friends that also used, he was able to clear his mind and begin building a new foundation for his life, one that was drug free. Undeniably, this was rough on both my brother and I (who were respectively 10 and 12 at the time), not to mention my mother who had been with my dad since high school- but it was a necessary step to improve the lives of everyone. We were able to talk to him once a week during these few months of recovery, and every time we spoke he sounded better and better. He was gaining a new outlook on life thanks to his counselors and doctors that not only helped with his detoxification, but rehabilitation as well. I wanted to share this story to encourage those who think they may have an addiction, to seek help! I can proudly say that my father has been cocaine free for twelve years, and although it’s a constant struggle, his future remains bright! Not everyone will be able to kick their drugs habits after their first try, in my dad’s situation he was very lucky in this aspect. I believe his choice to leave the state and commit to 90 days was very influential in his ability to remain cocaine free and urge those, especially with families, to do the same. Addiction to drugs, such as cocaine and alcohol, has a huge effect on your loved ones, so making the decision to seek treatment should not be seen as a selfish one in fact, it should be seen as one of the least selfish decisions a person can make. American Addiction Network lists quality facilities that can aide in anyone’s recovery including the facility in Pennsylvania that my dad attended- White Deer Run, Lebanon. For more information on where you can turn to and receive help for addiction to cocaine, and many other drugs, is there to help.

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