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Drugs; Five Things you need to Know

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Posted: September 10, 2015

Drugs have been around since the dawn of man. Cocoa leaves, tobacco plants, alcohol, cannabis; you name it, and people have been using it to alter their state of minds. However, even though the use of these drugs continues to increase every day, there are a lot of things most people don’t know about drugs and their uses. Here are the top five things you need to know about drugs.

#1) Using drugs affects other people just as much as the user him/herself. When an individual decides to pick up drugs or alcohol, even before use may get excessive, they are not only affecting themselves, but everyone around them as well. When drug use gets excessive, you will typically start to see family and friends distance themselves from the user. To the addict, loved ones are turning their back, but to family and friends they are hurt and feel betrayed. Remember using drugs and alcohol effects everyone around you, not just the user. Take this in consideration next time you contemplate picking up that drink or dug.

#2) Drugs prescribed from my doctor must be safe- False. Drugs come in every form and just because you are prescribed a drug from a doctor doesn’t mean it is beneficial in any use of the word to you. Dependency on prescription drugs is becoming an increasingly problematic concern, especially considering the FDA’s new decision to approve OxyContin to minors. Pain killers, prescribed by doctors, are among the most highly addictive drugs leading to dependency and high potential for abuse. When deciding to take prescription pain killers for chronic disorders, please weigh out all other options and remember just because a doctor is prescribing it, doesn’t mean it is OK to use.

#3) Minor drug use is proven to lead to more substantial drug use. Especially with drugs that individuals can develop a tolerance to such as cocaine, using occasionally can lead to more extended and higher doses of use. What may start out as a party favor, can lead to addiction quite fast and it’s important to be educated on this little known fact! Not only can people develop tolerance to a specific drug, but once that drug’s desired effects wear off, the user might look for something different or stronger. It is better to refrain from drug use altogether rather than thinking occasional use is OK.

#4) I can’t afford treatment to stop using drugs. This is an excuse many people use in order to convince themselves that they don’t need treatment to refrain from drugs and alcohol. There is free help everywhere! Although many residential rehabilitation centers charge a costly fee to attend, there are non-profit centers that operate off help from the community. Many places offer “scholarships” for those who are not financially capable of affording treatment. Also keep in mind that support groups are a great way to make new friends who are struggling with similar temptations, and guess what, are also free! For more information on treatment programs across the country that can adhere to your financial needs Americanaddictionnetwork.com is a great place to start your search.

#5) Drug use can be prevented. Talking strictly about teens and teen drug use, parents have to educate their kids on the potential harm drugs have on so many people. Education is the first step in assuring another generation doesn’t have to deal with the struggle of ours. Drug use and abuse is flourishing among our population and we have to start educating younger people just how awful drug use is, and how it negatively affects each community as a whole. There are several tips available on the internet regarding how to talk with your children about drug use and how to prevent our youngest generation from falling into its grips. Let’s educate our community and get help to those who need it most. American Addiction Network.

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