How long does rehab typically take?

The length of treatment for addiction varies among each individual. It is important to note that previous research implies that the longer an individual is in treatment, the greater likelihood of success. While in treatment it is critical to develop the necessary skills required to prevent relapse in the future, as well as recognize underlying causes that attributed to the addiction.
The majority of short term rehabilitation programs range from thirty to ninety days. Once a program has been completed, it is encouraged that follow-up or aftercare is attended weekly to provide support up to six months succeeding treatment.
Long term rehabilitation programs typically range from nine months to one year. These programs are usually recommended for those who habitually relapse or are at risk of becoming homeless due to their addiction. The severity of addiction, along with the class of drugs being used, are the factors most considered in deciding whether short term or long term care would prove most beneficial.

How much does treatment cost?

The variation of price for addiction treatment programs is based on many different factors, but the main price difference will be whether the treatment program facility is inpatient or outpatient. While insurance is often accepted at addiction treatment facilities, it varies based on each facility and patients will sometimes find themselves needing to pay out of pocket for treatment. Generally, you can find low cost addiction treatment programs, these treatment programs typically start around $7,000 per month. The average addiction treatment program is usually in the range of $18,000- $40,000 per month. Depending on the treatment facility you choose, additional services such as counseling for other issues, prescriptions, etc. are occasionally charged separately.

What are the differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs?

Inpatient treatment programs are favored because they allow the addict to seclude his or herself from the environment in which they generally use. These programs offer around the clock care including mental health counselors and medical staff, all available to accommodate your individual needs. The natures of these programs are structured and provide a safe atmosphere to promote recovery.
Outpatient treatment is much less restrictive and does not provide living accommodations as the patient remains at his or her home throughout this process. The individual is able to participate in their routine activities such as work or school, while attending treatment or therapy sessions at a facility on a regular basis. Outpatient programs are often suggested after completing an inpatient program to further assist with recovery.

Where should I attend treatment? Local or travel?

When deciding whether to stay local or travel for addiction treatment, travelling away from home is often the best option. While staying local may seem like the most feasible option, it can also have many setbacks, the most important one being hurting the chances of a successful recovery. Travelling away from your home gives you the opportunity to escape your usual addiction temptations that you generally face on a day to day basis when using. You will also find yourself removed from your everyday stressors and be able to distance yourself from the environment where your addiction generally takes place.

Will my insurance cover rehab?

Many insurance companies will provide assistance with the cost of rehab, minimizing the patient’s out of pocket cost. It is important to check your individual plan to see if a portion will be covered or if they require you to pay upfront and seek reimbursement afterwards. Each rehab facility works with different providers, so it is important to take into consideration which facilities will accept your specific insurance.
If your insurance provider does not offer assistance with the treatment of addiction, it may prove beneficial to seek out facilities that will provide a payment plan to make the cost more feasible. To see if a facility accepts your insurance simply click on the facility details and insurance information will be provided.