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Flakka: What, Where, Who!?

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Posted: April 28, 2015

We all know sunny South Florida has been one of the best vacation party spots for years. It’s been known for its incredible beaches, shopping, and most of all partying. Movies, rap music videos, and media also choose to shine light on the drug trade in the South Florida area making Florida known to most as the “cocaine capital” and a place where recreational drug use isn’t considered drug abuse, but more of a party enhancer for a good time. While cocaine and party drugs were once the main concern of Florida Law Enforcement Agencies, that soon all changed, and it’s concerning a new drug called Flakka, which is taking South Florida by storm.

The new drug Flakka has been getting increased media attention due to the behavior it brings about among its users. Flakka is also being called the new crack it’s cheap and is said to give people a high that they can’t get from crack cocaine and other comparable designer drugs. The behavior is unexplainable, and from what Law Enforcement is describing it is causing people who use the drug to “lose their minds.” There was the man in Lake Worth found on his roof butt naked threatening to shoot himself, the man found in Brevard County having sex with a tree believing he was God, and the man in Ft. Lauderdale that impaled himself onto a fence trying to jump over it. The crazier the stories, the more attention this drug receives. More interestingly to note though, is that all these stories are coming straight out of Florida. Why is Florida quickly becoming the cornerstone of this new and very dangerous drug?

South Florida has been known for its parties, spring break environments, and sunny beach weather all year round which may be a major contributor to the influx of drugs that present themselves in this area. The drug Flakka consists of the ingredients used to make bath salts, Cathinones, which you may remember resulted in a Florida man chewing off another man’s face while being high on bath salts. The stories are disturbing so what is the interest in trying it in the first place? Flakka can be ingested in many ways, it can be injected, snorted, or taken orally, but quickly becoming the favorite way is vaping. Since the popularity of e-cigarettes exploded, Flakka users are putting the drug into these devices and vaping it; the effects are detrimental. Some obvious side effects of this drug are imagined super human strength, delirium, hallucinations, and increased body temperature which has proved fatal in many cases. The drug is extremely addictive despite the awful effects it has on the individual both mentally and physically.

Flakka, like almost everything else in America, is being manufactured in China and packaged to reach the US. Doses of Flakka go for as little as 3$- 5$ a piece making it ideal for those of lower socioeconomic status. It’s important to know where this is coming from and how it effects a person’s body because it seems education is the only thing that will stop people from trying and using this drug. Let’s get rid of this trend before it destroys our country and spreads across the nation.

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