How Your Relationship Influences Your Child’s Risk of Abusing Drugs and Alcohol

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Posted: July 20, 2015

Parents play the number one role in their children’s lives whether they admit it or not. Although peers, relatives, and society contribute to development, the bond between parent and child remains of the utmost importance. By creating a loving atmosphere that meets the basic needs of your children, parents can substantially reduce the risk of their child from abusing drugs later in life. It should go without saying that if a parent abuses drugs or alcohol their child is more likely to do so, therefore the opposite is true as well. Parents need to be a positive role model for their children and must understand the influence they have during their kid’s development. Children understand a lot more then parents give them credit for, and society is definitely playing a big role in this. Children are being introduced to drugs at earlier ages than ever before so it is crucial that parents have conversations with their children about drugs and the potential hazards they pose.

Parents have to step up in order to prevent our future generations from being susceptible to the grips alcohol and drugs can hold over individuals. The number one way parents can help keep their kids clean is by establishing a healthy relationship with them. All too often we see parents undermining the role they play in their child’s lives simply by being present. Understandably so, the world we live in becomes more and more expensive every day and while being consumed with providing monetarily for their family, the emotional needs of children are not being met. The relationship between parent and child is critical in stopping the abuse of drugs and plays a major role in why children turn to alcohol or drugs in the first place. Parents should be able to speak with their children openly about factors influencing their life, but this doesn’t aim to say that clear guidelines shouldn’t be imposed throughout children’s development. Research shows that parents who take the needed to time to bond with their children as well as enforce rules that are imposed throughout growth, substantially lessen the risk factors that children will become abusers of drugs and alcohol later in life.

Overall it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children are aware of the dangers drugs and alcohol pose, as well as have the time and opportunity to speak to their parents about it. While parents may think they are doing what is best by providing a comfortable living environment (monetarily) that is not what children need most, especially throughout their adolescent years when the introduction to these harmful substances typically begins taking place. Parents, please take the time to speak with your children about the harms of drugs and alcohol, and remember your relationship with them can serve as a deterrent from later use and abuse. Don’t turn a blind eye when you suspect your child may be experimenting with drugs or alcohol. There are many resources out there available to parents who wish to improve their relationships with their children- take advantage of these and lets kick the influence drugs are having over our young ones altogether!


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