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Mental Illness: Overlooked No More!

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Posted: August 21, 2015

All too often we hear of tragic stories that could have been avoided if proper care was given to individuals suffering from mental illness. Take the several school and movie theatre shootings that have been highlighted on the news lately. It’s apparent that these individuals taking part in these heinous acts are not in their right mind and have needed psychiatric care for quite some time. Often these individuals are noticeable different from a very young age, but due to current stigmas regarding mental illness, are not properly cared for. I decided to write a blog regarding this topic due to a Dr. Oz show that recently aired. He addressed several issues of mental illness, the stigmas associated with it, and subsequently had a mother of a bipolar child give her insight into what it’s like caring for someone with similar struggles. The heartbreaking confessions of this mother were hard to hear but necessary in order to get these individuals the help they so desperately need. Ignoring signs of mental illness must stop today! This mother also wrote a book entitled The Price of Silence: A Mothers Perspective on Mental Illness which gives the average person a slight look into what it’s like to care for someone struggling with mental illness. She addresses some of the major issues children with mental illness suffer from when being funneled through the education system and not getting the required attention that is needed. Unfortunately, instead of receiving proper mental care, these children and adolescents who are in need of psychiatric care are thrown into juvenile delinquent centers- often times increasing mental instability due to the stress of incarceration. As a country we have to give much more attention to mental illness and decrease the negative stigmas that have too commonly been associated with psychiatric care. It is obvious that overlooking mental illness and incapacities is detrimental to our society and costs many innocent lives. The publication of this book written by Liza Long and Dr. Oz’s effort to spotlight this issue is only the beginning in an effort that should stretch nation-wide to address those suffering from mental illness and the best way to seek and receive the help that is needed. As a parent, if you suspect your child may be suffering from mental illness it is important to address it and get them the help they deserve and need immediately. American Addiction Network is an online directory that lists facilities (both inpatient and day schools) that cater to adolescents struggling with behavioral and mental illness, and may be able to find your child the psychiatric care and proper education that’s both affordable and effective to interrupt behavior that is troublesome. There is a lot of help available for those struggling with mental and behavioral disorders that is both easily accessible and desperately needed. It’s time to stop ignoring the warning signs that so many individuals speak of after a catastrophe has already happened, and it’s time to start preventing these tragedies before they have time to occur. If you are interested in finding psychiatric care for your child or loved one visit to aide in finding the individualized treatment that will be most beneficial.

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