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National Recovery Month

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Posted: September 9, 2015

September is National Recovery Month, celebrating those who have overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol, as well as, urging those struggling with drug addiction to seek help that is readily available to them. The purpose of national recovery month is to increase the awareness of mental health issues and substance abuse problems that are so often overlooked. SAMHSA, also known as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, holds many events nationwide to educate our population about the issues those struggling with mental illness and substance abuse face, and celebrate those who have overcome their inner battles to lead healthy and full lives. To attend or find an event near you, you can visit their website to find out more information about what they will be hosting this month. National Recovery Month has been educating Americans on the issues related to drugs, alcohol, and mental illness for many years and it’s up to us to ensure this campaign continues to press forward. As more and more Americans begin to see how important mental health and substance abuse education is, the more attention will be given to those who would like to seek treatment for it. For decades mental health and addiction to drugs and alcohol has been looked down upon and socially stigmatized, but the truth is, more people are suffering than anyone can imagine. If those who have been contemplating receiving treatment were encouraged by the public to do so, we would see healthier and less destructive communities, nationwide! Because of events such as National Recovery Month, we are seeing government officials begin to pay more attention to this topic. For example, Hillary Clinton has openly made mental health and substance abuse key issues in her campaign! This is not to say that I am for or against Hillary, however, this is the first time we are seeing a presidential candidate openly discuss how important these issues are, and how the public must be educated on these topics. Each American is entitled to receive care for mental health and substance abuse issues they are struggling with, and by all means, should be educated on the help that is available to EVERYONE. We can’t keep regarding mental health and substance abuse and “hush hush” topics because we are only hurting ourselves. National Recovery Month aims to bring these issues to the forefront and address them head on, as they should be. If you or a loved one is looking to receive treatment for mental illness or drug/alcohol addiction why not start today. Allow National Recovery Month to serve as your encouragement to lead a more healthy and enjoyable life. American Addiction Network is one of the many sites one can turn to, to find the treatment that will best suit your individual needs. Visit and let’s take part in National Recovery Month by getting everyone the help they need today!

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