Vaporizing Alcohol? An Upcoming Trend.

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Posted: July 24, 2015

As if drinking alcohol wasn’t enough, a new trend of inhaling it has begun to emerge. One of the first public introductions was at a bar in Chicago in 2013. The Vaportini was consumed by inhaling heated up spirits through a straw out of a custom made glass vessel; it is a shot of liquor that is heated from a tea-light candle resting in the bottom of the glass that turns the liquor into gas. The Vaportini created so much of a stir that it became purchasable online within months and other bar owners are becoming increasingly interested in this trend.

The effects of smoking alcohol can be damaging in that it has nowhere to metabolize. When inhaling alcohol, it travels straight into the brain and bloodstream which causes an individual to become drunk very quickly. The alcohol does not come in contact with the stomach or liver and the alcohol does not lose any of its potency. Being that the alcohol is directly absorbed the risk for alcohol poisoning and overdose increases substantially.

Many are looking into this trend as a way to lose weight assuming that by inhaling it, calories are not being consumed. While this may or may not be true (as I’ve seen conflicting research), one has to consider the hazards this new trend is bound to have on society at large. Adolescents are particularly susceptible to taking part in the vaporizing of alcohol because of its new status and, thought to be, exciting effects.

Alcohol already causes so many serious problems in our society. Millions of deaths per year can be attributed to alcohol consumption so why on Earth would a more dangerous way of consuming it be introduced in any positive way. Between individuals ages 15-49, alcohol is the number one risk factor contributing to premature death and disability. If this trend catches on we could see a very negative shift in these already scary statistics.

Overall the hazards of inhaling alcohol are apparent and anyone can see that this could negatively impact many people. Many of those in favor of this new trend propose the effects are not harmful as long as consumption is limited, but the same can be said for drinking it. We see time and time again that people overindulge in alcoholic beverages and while these individuals shouldn’t ruin it for everyone, I don’t see the need to introduce an even more potentially destructive way of consuming alcohol. Only time will tell how this trend will play out, but the fact is it is getting more attention every day and bar owners are seriously contemplating the idea of introducing this into mainstream after-hour spots.

Be careful before jumping onto bandwagons that can have detrimental effects on your body. One can become addicted to inhaling alcohol the same way one can become addicted to drinking it, with an increase in tolerance that builds up over time. It’s hard to regulate a “safe amount” of alcohol to consume so better to play it safe in regards to this new emerging trend.

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